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36 Thrilling Couple Challenges to Spice Up Your Relationship

Couple Challenges

Last Updated on November 20, 2022 by Sarah Smith

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36 Thrilling Couple Challenges to Spice Up Your Relationship

These days, it’s hard to stay in love with your partner. With work, kids, and all the other responsibilities that come with being a grown-up, it’s easy to lose sight of what really matters: having fun together.

When you think of challenges, you probably think of outdoor activities. But there are also plenty of fun ones to do in the comfort of your own home.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of some thrilling couple challenges that will keep your relationship on its toes and make you laugh like never before!

Cooking Challenge

Couple Challenges Couple Challenges
Cooking Challenge

It’s a great way to spend time together, learn new skills and get healthy.

It can be fun too!

And if you’re feeling like you need some extra motivation, cooking challenges can also help save money by cutting down on takeout costs or buying ingredients in bulk when possible.

Communication Challenge

  • Talk about a problem you have with your partner.
  • Try to understand each other’s perspective and try to solve the problem together. If you can’t solve the problem, then agree that it is not a deal breaker for both of you.

Mind Reading Challenge

This challenge is a fun way to build trust in your relationship. Your partner will have to think of a word, then tell you what the opposite of that word is. For example:

  • “I’m thinking of ‘love.'”
  • “Okay, now think about a word that means ‘hate.’ What would be its opposite?”
  • If your partner guesses correctly and you get it right too (or vice versa), then both of you earn one point! It’s important not only to be able to answer questions like these but also to stay calm while doing so—if either person starts getting flustered or confused by this exercise, chances are good that they won’t be able to come up with an answer quickly enough before time runs out on them!

Time Capsule Challenge

The time capsule is a fun way to commemorate your relationship, and it’s easy to do. All you need is some soil or sand and some type of container (a jar, for example). Then you can write down any thoughts or feelings about each other that come up during the year that you’re keeping in storage.

You might include pictures from vacations together, letters from old friends who were close enough for you two to know each other’s quirks but not so close that they could tell something was wrong with their friendship (like when one person tries too hard), or even just random notes like “I love these boots” written on an envelope with no return address because someone forgot where they got them!

The best part? When your time capsule has been opened at some point in the future—whether by yourself or someone else—you’ll have all those memories right there at home waiting for you again!

Romance Challenge

Surprise your wife with Flowers

You can do it together or separately, but the key to this challenge is coming up with a unique way to surprise your partner. Give yourself time to think about what you want to do and how you’ll pull it off. Maybe you could surprise them by having an extravagant dinner at their favorite restaurant, or maybe they should be surprised when they get home from work and find a bouquet of flowers on their doorstep (don’t forget to leave a note!). Whatever the case may be, make sure that whatever romantic thing happens is memorable!

Movie Quote Challenge

  • Pick a movie you both like
  • Start with the opening scene and talk about what it says about the characters in that particular movie
  • Talk about how you feel when you watch this type of film and why it makes you feel so great!

Truth or Dare Challenge

Truth or Dare

For a fun date, try this truth-or-dare game. The couples start by giving each other a dare (a challenge). You can choose anything from embarrassing questions to silly acts, like saying “I love you” in front of a crowd of strangers or doing something embarrassing at your local mall. If you’re feeling brave enough and want to do something crazy, go for it!

Dining Room Dance Party Challenge

Is your dining room the spot where you and your honey have most of your meals? Do you have any good memories there? If so, why not put them to good use and turn them into a dance party?

You can do this by playing music to get the mood going while you twirl around in chairs or even on top of couches. You can also make it more challenging by competing with each other who can dance better or longer. If you’re feeling particularly competitive, set up a weekly challenge or monthly challenge where whoever wins gets bragging rights for the next month!

Invite friends and family over too so they feel included in all this fun!

Dancing in the Rain Challenge

Couple Challenges 2 Couple Challenges
Dancing in the Rain Challenge
  • Dance in the rain.
  • Wear your favorite pair of shoes and an outfit that’s comfortable, but not too revealing. If it’s raining constantly, you may want to consider wearing more than one outfit so that you can change as needed. Also make sure to bring a towel or umbrella if necessary!
  • If possible, find a place where there’s no risk of getting wet (such as indoors). This will keep things safe and comfortable for everyone involved!
  • Don’t worry about being cold—you’ll be dancing so fast that any minor discomfort will be forgotten within minutes!

Home Workout Challenge

You know that feeling when you see your partner doing something and think to yourself, “You get this. I want to learn how to do that.”? Well, now is the time for you two to put on your sweat suits (or whatever workout apparel you prefer) and take up the challenge together.

For example: Say you’re at home with your partner who is holding a pair of lightweights while watching TV. This can be done in any room—the living room, kitchen, or even bathroom if it’s convenient! The point here is that there should be some sort of activity going on around them so they don’t feel alone while exercising with someone else.

The key here would be motivation – find music that inspires both partners because if one person has more energy than the other then they will end up working harder than necessary which could lead to injury later on down the road when trying new things without proper training beforehand (like lifting weights).

Tailor-Made Gift Exchange Challenge

You’ve got a lot of stuff to buy and wrap, but you don’t want to just get something for yourself. What if you could exchange gifts with your partner, instead? It could be as simple as making a list of their favorite things and then giving them something similar that they would like. Or maybe your partner has an interest in music or sports—what about getting them tickets to see the band or game that means the most to you?

Or maybe one of these challenges is more challenging than others:

  • Give each other gifts made by other people who are far away (or even continents). Make sure each gift comes with some sort of special note explaining why it was made by someone else and how much time went into making it! This can lead to another fun activity later down the road when we have time together again…

Taste Test Challenge

The idea of this challenge is to test your partner’s palate and discover what their favorite foods are. The best part about this challenge is that it’s a fun way to get to know each other better, while also exposing you both to new foods! To make sure everyone has an equal chance at winning, all participants will have to write down their answers on slips of paper before the game starts.

You can even use an app like Food Network for recipes or Wikipedia for ideas about common ingredients (or just Google “how much does a pound of potatoes cost?”). In addition to serving as an entertaining icebreaker during dinner parties with friends or family members who don’t know each other well yet (and therefore might not be too familiar with your partner), taste tests can also help strengthen bonds between couples by helping them explore new aspects of themselves through food—which makes them more likely than ever before—and loving someone who loves everything they eat.

Pictionary Challenge

The Pictionary Challenge is a classic. It requires a pen and a dictionary, but it doesn’t require any special knowledge or skill—just an open mind. First, choose your word. Then write down what that word means in English on paper (or you could use Google Translate if you’re feeling lazy). Now fold up the sheet of paper into tiny squares; these are your clues! Your partner will have to guess these clues while they’re folded up inside his or her head during this exciting game of Pictionary!

If he guesses correctly the first time around, then he gets one point; however, if she guesses correctly the first time around without fail for each round before losing their patience with all those pieces flying away into thin air after being unfolded…then she wins!

Go Without Something You Love for a Month

  • Go without something you love for a month.
  • Examples of things to go without:
  • Your favorite food
  • Your smartphone
  • How to make the challenge interesting: You could try out different foods, or even see if you can get by without your phone for a week. If that’s too much, then maybe just an hour or two each day would be enough to see if this relationship challenge is right for both of you! Or maybe it’s fine that he doesn’t have his iPhone with him because I’m going into town and am free until tonight when he gets back home from work at around 5 pm (he works late shifts). We can try this out sometime during the next few days so we know what works best together!

Random Acts of Kindness Challenge

Once you’ve worked up the courage to ask your partner if they want to take on a challenge, it can be hard to know how to go about making it happen. Luckily, there are plenty of ways for you and your sweetie (or other loved ones) to help out others in need without feeling guilty about it at all!

First things first: find someone who needs help! If someone doesn’t have enough money or food on their table, but still seems happy with their life—then that person might be perfect for this challenge. You can also think about how much time and energy each person will be able to give during their time together; if one person has more free time than another (say because they work full-time), then that may mean that person may have fewer obligations during their free time as well.

Once you’ve found an appropriate target for your random acts of kindness initiative (and hopefully figured out what kind of “act” would suit them best), then let’s get started! First things first: make sure everyone knows exactly what needs doing before proceeding any further down this path toward adventure!

One-word texts

The rules of the game are simple. You have to text each other using only one word. You can’t use any punctuation marks, and you can’t repeat the same word as your partner writes back to you.

The first person who gets all of their short answers correct wins! It’s a fun way for couples to get creative with texting, and it’s also a good way for them to work on their communication skills by practicing how far they can stretch out their thoughts in order to create more than just a simple response from someone else at home or work (or wherever). If either person looks at their phone during this challenge, they’ll be penalized by having points deducted from both their scores; so don’t look down at your phone while playing 😉


Emoticons are a great way to express yourself. They can be used to communicate with friends, family members, colleagues, and strangers.

You’re not limited to just using emoticons. You can also use emojis that express feelings such as crying or laughing (or even a happy face). Emojis are symbols used on smartphones and tablets that represent certain emotions or ideas through images or text-based descriptions of those emotions or ideas.

When you use these symbols in your conversations with others it allows them to understand what kind of mood, you’re in by reading between the lines – which is helpful since we all have different personalities!

Observe and report

  • Observe and report.
  • What you observe:
  • What are your partner’s physical changes, like weight, how their hair looks and feels, etc.?
  • Is there any new information about their habits or routines?
  • Are there any changes in the way they treat you (or talk to you)?

The first two words game

The first two words game is a fun way to get to know your partner better. It’s a great way to start conversations, and it can be used in many different situations.

This game involves you and your partner saying the first two words that come into their mind when asked what they like about each other. For example, if you asked them “What do I like about you?” and they answered “Your smile”, then their answer would be “You have such beautiful eyes.” This can help build up a stronger connection between each other because it shows how much effort goes into making someone feel loved by just looking at them!

Who’s in charge?

This is a question that couples face often and with good reason. Who determines how much money you spend on groceries, how many hours of TV you watch each week, and whether you should go camping next weekend? While both partners may want to be able to make decisions for themselves and their families, there are some things that come down to one person being “in charge.”

For example, if one partner wants children while the other doesn’t—and they can’t agree on who will pay child support—then it becomes clear who has more power over whether or not they have children together.

There are ways around this problem too; if neither party feels like they’re making decisions alone then maybe there could be another option: joint decision-making! This method allows both parties to feel involved in important decisions without having full control over them (in theory). But even if both parties agree on joint decision-making as an arrangement between them (and even though it sounds great), sometimes things don’t work out this way either because sometimes people don’t want equal rights within their relationship(s) – especially when discussing finances..

Guess who said it game

This game is a classic. You can play it with friends, family members, and even your partner. The idea is simple: you have to guess who said something or did something that was obviously not theirs.

If you’re playing this game with someone else—or if they’re playing it on their own—the rules are pretty much the same: just try to guess who said whatever it was they said or did whatever it was they did! It’s fun when everyone gets involved in this challenge together because everyone has an opinion about everything that happens in life (and sometimes those opinions differ).

Conversation starters

  • Ask a question
  • Ask for their opinion
  • Share a sentence or two about them (e.g., “I love how you always have time for me.”)
  • Share something you like about yourself (e.g., “I’m proud of my new job” or “My family is my biggest strength”).

Social media makeover challenge

A social media makeover challenge is a great way to spice up your relationship. You and your partner should take turns posting positive messages on social media, and then deleting any negative ones you find. Here’s what you can do:

  • Post photos of yourself with each other. Make sure that the photo has some kind of connection between the two of you (e.g., holding hands, kissing).
  • Post pictures of things that remind you how strong your relationship is—like vacations together or other memorable moments like birthdays or anniversaries! If there’s something specific about each other’s life history that makes them feel special, make sure those are included too!

This will help keep people interested in actually reading through all the comments rather than just scrolling through everything else because they’re bored by now anyway…

I have a secret challenge

The challenge is simple: you and your partner have to go on a road trip. It could be anywhere, as long as it’s not too far away from home!

The first thing to do is pick out what kind of car you want to drive. You can choose between a sports car or an SUV—it doesn’t matter which one if your budget allows for both (and if it does). Once you’ve made that decision, think about how many hours each day would be spent driving from point A (your house) to point B (a park). If this seems like an impossible task, then just make sure that everyone agrees on how long they’d like their trip to last before calling it quits!

Once everyone agrees on these things, all that’s left for us poor mortals who want nothing more than seeing some beautiful scenery in our lives is finding ways around those pesky rules about not having any passengers under 12 years old in our cars.”

Be spontaneous challenge

  • Be spontaneous. This challenge is all about making your relationship more exciting and fun, so it’s important that you do things together that you would never normally do. You can start by making a list of things you’d like to do as a couple, like going for walks in the park or taking trips to new places where there is an abundance of interesting landmarks. Then take some time off from each other—either spend some alone time on your own or go on dates with friends who aren’t involved in this challenge—and remember why it’s so great being with each other!

The 3-day Kiss Challenge

Couple Challenges 3 Couple Challenges
The 3-day Kiss Challenge

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your relationship, this is it! This challenge will have you and your partner kissing as much as possible over the course of three days. If you’re not kissing at least once every hour, then something is wrong with the way things are going in your relationship. And if that sounds like too much pressure, don’t worry—there is no rule saying that in order for this challenge to work out great for everyone involved, both members of each couple need to be fully committed (i.e., willing) participants all around town during those three days; just keep track of how many times each person goes down on his or her partner!

Try date night with a twist

  • Try a new restaurant.
  • Try a new activity.
  • Try a new type of food. (Dinner and a movie are classic, but why not try sushi or tapas?)
  • Drink wine or beer in moderation—you won’t want to miss out on your favorite bubbly when you go for dinner! If you want to keep things healthy and low-calorie, opt for water instead; it will still give your taste buds something delicious to look at while they wait for the full meal!

Surprise getaway

This is a great time to be spontaneous. You can go on a trip or just have a night away in a hotel. You can plan it together, or surprise each other by going somewhere different without telling anyone else where you’re going. Either way, it’s going to be an exciting adventure!

If you want to do this as an anniversary gift for your partner, then set aside some time during the day and take off with their favorite foods (and maybe even their favorite TV shows) so they don’t even notice when they wake up the late morning after sleeping through their alarm clock goes off at 6 am sharp – because that’s what happens when we get up early on Sundays…

Make a couples bucket list

Couples bucket lists are a fun way to explore new things together. You can list out your goals as a couple and then work on them over time. For example, you might want to do something outside of the city or try something new at home like cooking or gardening.

If you have kids, they may seem like they’re always at the top of your list—but don’t forget about yourselves! Your goals shouldn’t just include fun activities (although those are great), but also growth opportunities for both partners.

Accomplish a goal together

In the same way that you should challenge each other to get fit, it’s also important to challenge yourselves to achieve something together. You don’t have to set out on a 12-week fitness plan or run marathons—you just have to pick an area of your life that needs improvement and commit yourself fully for three months (or less) at least.

For example, maybe one of you wants more energy while the other has gained weight over time; maybe one of you wants more flexibility while the other has been diagnosed with arthritis in their joints; maybe one of you wants better skin but hasn’t been taking care of it lately—you get my drift! This can be as simple as going out for dinner twice per week instead of once every few weeks.

Give each other compliments

  • Give your partner a compliment. Every day, find something about your partner to compliment them on. They might be the best cook you’ve ever met or they’re really good at dealing with people and making friends. Whatever it is, make sure it’s specific and sincere! Don’t just say “You’re great” because you think that’s all anyone wants to hear; if you don’t have anything specific in mind then just tell them how much they look like one of their favorite actors/actresses (I’m looking at YOU).
  • Make sure the compliment is timely! I know this seems obvious but sometimes we forget how quickly time flies by when we’re having fun together so make sure every single day that goes by ends with some sort of moment between both of you where either one of us can mention something positive about their relationship or even themselves individually (yes even me!). Let’s face it: no one likes being called out on their flaws so try not to do this often! Just kidding…sort of…okay maybe not since sometimes I do need someone else’s help too 🙂

Overcome a fear together – preferably in tandem!

  • Fear of heights – Take a hike up the side of a mountain.
  • Fear of spiders – Make your own spider catcher and trap some live ones on their way to you.
  • Fear of flying – Learn how to fly with an instructor or sign up for a weekend class at an airfield.
  • The dark – Turn off all lights in your bedroom, including those on the wall around it so that when you look out over the cityscape below, it looks like there’s nothing between you and what surrounds you but darkness (and maybe some clouds).
  • Water: If swimming isn’t possible due to health concerns or other restrictions, try taking sun baths instead! The heat from sunlight increases blood circulation which improves overall health; plus who doesn’t love feeling warm after coming out from under their covers?

Get closer to your partner’s family (and show them you care)

  • Get closer to your partner’s family.
  • Show you care by spending time with them.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk to them, ask questions or tell them you love them!

Confess your love for one another on social media

This is a great challenge to try when you’re feeling bored or lonely. You can use social media to share your love for each other with the world, no matter where you are.

For example, if you’re at home watching TV and your significant other comes into the room (he’s probably just going out for a smoke), instead of saying something like “I’m so glad I found this show,” say “I love how much time we spend together on Sundays.” If she says she misses hanging out with her friends from college in New York City, say “We should go back there sometime soon.”

  • Hashtags: #iloveyouforever (#loveyou), #iloveyoumoreandmoreandmore (#iloveyoutoo).
  • Photos: wedding photos from years ago; honeymoon photos from last year

Try couple yoga

Couple Yoga

Couple yoga is a form of dance that focuses on the movement of two people. The practice creates an intimate space for couples to connect, share feelings and build trust. It’s also great for connecting physically and mentally when your partner isn’t around to help you out!

The benefits of couple yoga include:

  • Strengthening your relationship by doing something fun together
  • Improving communication between partners by practicing listening skills

Print out photos from your relationship and make an album together

  • Print out photos from your relationship and make an album together

You can take this challenge one step further by creating a photo album together, or even better – print out all of your favorite images and put them in a scrapbook or slide show!

You can add some fun to your relationship by experimenting with couple challenges.

Couple challenges are a great way to spice up your relationship and make it more interesting. If you’re willing to try new things together, then you can make your relationship stronger.

Here are some examples of couple challenges:

  • The first thing I did when we started dating got him tickets for the Super Bowl. He loves football and so do I! We went out with friends on Sunday night but then had a really fun time watching the game together at home later that week. It was so much fun being able to watch it together instead of by ourselves!

Throughout these challenges, stay open and honest with your partner. If you’re working to grow your relationship, don’t be afraid to do something out of your comfort zone. And most importantly, have fun!

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind of life with a significant other when things are going well—but sometimes it’s good for us as individuals and couples alike to take some time apart from each other in order to recharge our batteries and figure out what we want from each other as individuals before deciding where our relationship is heading next.

These couple challenges will keep your relationship fresh and exciting.

Couple challenges are a fun and easy way to keep your relationship fresh and exciting. They will help you get to know each other better, learn more about each other’s interests and hobbies, and improve communication between the two of you. This can be especially helpful if one or both of you has been suffering from depression recently!


There you have it! We know that these challenges aren’t for everyone, but we hope they can be helpful when you feel stuck in a rut or want to try something new. Remember that the key is not just the challenge itself, but also how you approach it and communicate with your partner. The most important thing is having fun while growing closer together!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about these fun and exciting couple challenges. You can try any of them for yourself or plan a group event with your partner. We know that great relationships are built on shared experiences like these—and we’re excited to see what you come up with! it’s time to start experimenting. Don’t wait until you’re bored or frustrated—start now!

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What is a romantic dare?

Romantic dares for couples

With your tongue, write “I love you” on your partner’s chest. Describe the moment you realized you were in love with your partner. Perform a lap dance for your partner while singing your favorite romantic song. With one hand, remove your partner’s underwear.

What truth can I ask my boyfriend?

What would you change about your childhood?
Have you ever gotten anyone pregnant?
What is one thing you wish you could change about yourself?
Have you ever cheated on anyone?
What is your biggest regret?
Who are you jealous of?

What are some good couple challenges?

Cooking Challenge
Communication Challenge
Mind Reading Challenge
Time Capsule Challenge
Romance Challenge
Truth or Dare Challenge
Dining Room Dance Party Challenge
Dancing in the Rain Challenge
The 3-day kiss
Try date night with a twist
Surprise getaway
Try couple yoga

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