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Couple Making Out – 6 Easy Tips

couple making out

Last Updated on January 13, 2023 by Sarah Smith

Couple making out

Whether you’re looking for a quickie in the kitchen or a longer-lasting relationship, making out is an important skill that everyone should know how to perform. However, if you’ve never made out before, there’s no need to worry! Making out is actually very easy once you get the hang of it. Here are some tips on how to go from zero experience to an expert make out the artist within minutes:

Whatever your motivation is, it’s up to you.

Whatever your motivation is, it’s up to you. You can say no at any time and stop at any point if you want. If there are things that are making you uncomfortable or putting off the experience for some reason (like a partner who doesn’t want to engage with their friends), it’s important not to worry about those things—they might happen anyway!

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Make sure your physical reactions are appropriate for how comfortable you are with the situation.

We’ve all been there: you’re on a date and things are going great, but then something happens that makes you feel uncomfortable. Maybe it’s because he touched your knee where he shouldn’t have. Or maybe it’s because she brushed past you as if she were walking through a minefield instead of just passing by with her elbows jutting out in front of her body like she was about to charge at any moment.

Whatever the case may be, there should be an obvious physical reaction for both parties involved in this situation—you know? Like when someone touches your arm or leg without permission or accidentally steps on one foot while trying not to trip over the other one? That would be an appropriate physical response time!

But what if neither person reacts appropriately? Well…the answer is pretty simple: stop talking to each other immediately (unless they’re good friends).

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Touch the other person.

Take their hand or play with their hair. Try to keep your hands on their body, keeping in mind your limitations and theirs. You can’t go wrong with a hug or kiss on the lips to start!

Touching is a great way to start making out with someone. It shows you’re interested and makes the other person feel more comfortable.

Touching can be an indicator of affection or love, but it can also be a sign of sexual attraction as well. If someone touches your arm while you’re talking, it’s probably not just because they want to get to know each other better—it’s because they like being close!

If you want people who are close friends or family members (or maybe even just acquaintances) to touch each other more often than not then this might not be the best strategy for improving their communication skills at work; however, if all parties involved agree upon such activities, then there really shouldn’t be any problems here!

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Position yourself.

Position yourself. Whether you’re standing, sitting, or lying down, you should take into consideration comfort and ease of access when positioning yourself out of the way of having bystanders get in on your moment. If people can see too much, they might get uncomfortable however if they only see your faces, they’ll just be jealous that they aren’t getting some action too!

If it’s possible for both partners to sit down at once without overlapping legs or feet touching each other then go for it! This is especially important if one partner has shorter legs than their partner (for example).

Move slowly.

Move slowly. Slow movements will show the other person that you care about them and that this isn’t just the result of a random mood change. This gives them time to react to what you’re doing and decide if they want to move forward with it. The best way to know if they want to move forward is by gauging their reactions!

Gauge whether or not the other person wants to continue kissing before going further.

You’ve got to know when someone wants to make out with you without being told outright. If you’re nervous about what’s going on between you two and possibly how far things could go or should go, talk about it ahead of time so there won’t be any surprises later on when you’re both making out!

You’ve got to be clear about what you’re doing and with whom. If you’re unsure of how your partner feels, ask them! Letting someone know they are welcome to continue kissing or exploring the rest of your body can help ensure that both parties have a safe experience. If one person wants more than kissing, but the other does not—and vice versa—it’s best if everyone stops immediately until everyone feels comfortable again.


The key is to be comfortable with yourself and the situation. If you’re nervous about making out, that’s okay! The more relaxed you are about your own actions and reactions, the more relaxed everyone else will be as well. You don’t have to know everything ahead of time; just take things one step at a time until eventually, you get where you want to go with this new relationship.

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People Also Ask

  • Where can I make out with someone?

    Having a place to make out is important. Make sure it’s somewhere private and comfortable, and you can both see each other. It should also be somewhere where you don’t have to worry about being interrupted by someone else (like your parents).
    You might want to go somewhere public or semi-public if there are lots of people around who could interrupt the moment, but don’t stress too much about that—it won’t kill your chances of making out!

  • Why does making out feel good?

    ●   The feeling of being kissed is a natural high. When you’re kissing someone, your brain releases chemicals that are similar to those released during sex. This makes you feel good! It’s also true when you just look at someone and think “I love you.” That too can make your heart beat faster, which may explain why we like looking at each other so much in the first place—it’s an easy way to get to know someone without having sex with them (and we’ll talk more about this later).
    ●   It’s a good way to get closer without actually having sex yet. You don’t need any special equipment or even physical contact; all that matters is getting close enough together so that your partner feels comfortable sharing their body with yours—and vice versa!

  • Why is making out so addicting?

    Making out is a rush. It’s an adrenaline shot of excitement and pleasure that you get when someone you’re attracted to kisses your neck, makes their way down your chest, and then slowly reaches their way back up again.
    When we kiss and make out with someone we like, it feels great—and not just because they’re delicious. It’s also because we feel like we have some control over what happens next: what will happen after they leave? What if they don’t come back home? Will I ever see them again? These thoughts can cause us anxiety; however, when making out with someone special (or even just one of those cute guys at work), these worries are replaced by optimism: “This will be fun!” “I’m going to have some fun tonight!”

  • How do you turn on a guy while making out?

    ●   Talk about your feelings
    A good way to turn on a guy is by talking about what you’re feeling. You may be worried that he won’t get the message, but it can be really helpful if you talk about how you feel and then let him know how he makes you feel.
    ●   Ask him what he wants to do
    It’s easy for guys to say no or go along with whatever plan someone else has made before, but sometimes they need some encouragement from those who want them around as much as they want them around! If there’s something specific that turns both of your heads when it comes down to making out (or anything else), then ask him if he would like some alone time later on in the evening so that they can try out this new activity together and see how much fun it really is!

  • How do I make my boyfriend go crazy while making out?

    The answer is simple, but it’s not easy. You need to be a little bit of both: sweet and sexy. This will help you get your guy going crazy while making out with him or her.
    When it comes to being sweet, there are several ways to do this:
    ●   Give them a kiss on their cheek right before they kiss you back (this is called “kissing without permission”)
    ●   Give them a hug after they’ve kissed you (this is called “kissing with permission”)
    ●   Whisper something cute into their ear while kissing them (this can also be done by saying something like “I love you” or whatever else feels appropriate).

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