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I Want My Wife to Have an Affair

I Want My Wife to Have an Affair

Last Updated on February 25, 2023 by Sarah Smith

I want my wife to have an affair

I am a married man, and I want my wife to have an affair. She is wonderful, but I’m not getting what I need from our relationship anymore. She has been cheating on me for years – with several different men – and yet she still won’t leave me! The problem is that she doesn’t know what intimacy means in this day and age, so how can she possibly connect with another person?

Having an affair is not the answer.

Having an affair is not the answer. It’s not the way to solve your problems, and it will only make things worse in the long run.

I know what you’re going to say: “But my wife isn’t happy! And she’s screwing around with other men behind my back! What do I do? How can I stop her from cheating on me?!”

Well… first of all, don’t get mad at me for telling you that having an affair is bad for everyone involved. If your wife has been cheating on you since day one (and even then), then she probably wanted out anyway—and maybe now she feels like there’s no way around it except by cheating on someone else instead of herself! So if that’s what she wants then let her have it!  Letting go of control isn’t easy but sometimes it’s necessary in order for us all to move forward together as a couple again…

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True intimacy lies beyond the bedroom.

True intimacy lies beyond the bedroom. It’s about sharing your emotions, desires, and dreams with someone else—and let them see you in a way you’ve never shown anyone before. It’s about being vulnerable with another person; opening up to them so they can see who you really are instead of hiding behind a mask or curtain.

In my opinion, true intimacy is not just about sex; it’s about letting go of your guard and allowing yourself to be open and honest with someone else.

Find ways to be supportive before you expect support from others.

I’m going to say this once and only once: have an affair before you expect your wife to have one.

If you want her to cheat, then make sure that she knows how much it means to you. It’s not enough for her to feel guilty about cheating on you when she does; instead, show her how much it means for both of them by being supportive of her actions (and those of others) before they occur.

Make sure that your kids know what’s expected of them in terms of family values—and don’t be afraid of telling them straight up if something isn’t working well enough anymore! They’ll understand why things change when necessary; but also know that sometimes things just aren’t working out between two people no matter how hard they try at making their relationship work out well again because maybe one person needs some time away from each other until their feelings change back into love again…

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True intimacy requires courage and honesty.

The first step to true intimacy is having the courage to be honest. If you don’t have the courage to be honest, then you can’t expect your partner to do so either.

The second step is being authentic and real with yourself—both in regards to your feelings and behaviors toward others. This may mean facing things like past trauma or abuse; it may also mean admitting that you’ve been lying about something important in your life (e.g., not telling everyone how much money you make). It’s okay if this scares people off for now; just keep plugging away at being real until they come around!

Loving others requires that we first learn how to love ourselves.

The first step to loving others is learning how to love yourself. If you don’t feel worthy of your own love, then how can you expect someone else to do the same for you? You risk becoming a victim of their affection and ultimately end up resenting them for giving so much of themselves away.

It takes courage, vulnerability, and honesty—three things that seem far from us when we are stuck in our own heads or trying desperately hard not only survive but thrive in an environment where everyone else seems like they have everything going on all at once (and sometimes even more).

True intimacy can only exist when we are willing to let go of our masks and allow ourselves to be vulnerable.

True intimacy can only exist when we are willing to let go of our masks and allow ourselves to be vulnerable. To do this, we must be able to admit that we have flaws and insecurities, which is often a scary thing for someone with low self-esteem or who has been conditioned by society that their worth is found in external things like looks or money. The best way I’ve found for you guys (and girls) on how to become more vulnerable is through the practice of mindfulness meditation:

  • Sit down with your eyes closed and focus on your breath as it comes in through your nose and out through the lips
  • Try taking deep breaths while counting 1-2-3…

Intimacy goes far beyond sex, although sex is a big part of it.

Intimacy goes far beyond sex. Sex is a big part of it, but it’s not the whole story. Intimacy is more than just having sex—it’s a feeling of connection, being understood and cared for by your partner; a feeling that your partner accepts you as who you are (or at least tries to).

So, while I don’t want my wife to have an affair with another man, I do want her to feel more connected with me on an emotional level than she currently does because that would make me feel better about myself as well!

Being intimate with another person requires that we are honest about who we are and what we want out of life, as well as out of relationships.

Be honest with yourself.

First and foremost, be honest with your partner. If you’re having an affair, then the first step is to get over yourself and accept that this is what you have chosen for yourself. Honesty will help both of you move forward together in a new way. It also helps keep up appearances when it comes to other people in your life who may notice changes in behavior or attitudes towards intimacy or commitment-making (or lack thereof).

Be honest with others too! Some may see through their own biases against affairs; others won’t care because they themselves aren’t being cheated on (and therefore don’t know what it feels like). In either case, being totally open about how much time I spend talking about my exes—and why—is part of how I am recovering from my own past experiences where I felt so betrayed by another person’s infidelity that I lost interest in any kind of relationship at all (including those which were once considered “the real thing”).

When your women will only connect with you on an emotional level?

Women will only connect with us on an emotional level if they feel safe enough to be vulnerable with us – something that most relationships cannot sustain for very long. This is why it’s so important that your wife has a healthy sense of self-esteem and validation in order to engage in open communication with you.

Your wife needs to know that she’s worthy of being loved and adored by both of you. If she doesn’t feel like the person, she wants herself to be, then how can she expect others around her (including men) to see her as such? This means giving yourself permission from time to time when things aren’t going well or even when there are misunderstandings between the two of you. Trust me: no one ever said being married would be easy!

The feeling of emotional connection is what leads to true intimacy in a relationship.

The first step to building intimacy in your relationship is vulnerability. You need to be vulnerable with someone you trust, and it’s only once you’ve done this that the connection becomes real and true.

If a woman feels safe enough to be vulnerable with you, she will then allow herself to fully open up and connect with you on an emotional level. This feeling of connection is what leads to true intimacy in a relationship—and it can only happen when both parties are willing and able to put themselves out there in some way or another (the good news is that most people find it easier than they think).

Vulnerability takes practice; luckily though, there are ways around this problem! For example:

Have an affair in your own marriage

If you’re looking for an affair, be honest with your wife. If she’s willing to do it, then great—but if not, that’s OK too. Just know that there are tons of other things you can do as a couple without having an affair (and even some things that actually require an adulterer).

For example:

  • Have sex! Sex is what marriages are really about anyway so why not make sure it happens regularly? The more often the better!
  • Get busy with chores around the house (or apartment) and make sure those get done on time every week or two; this could include dishes/laundry/cleaning toilets/etcetera…


The bottom line is that having an affair in your marriage will not help to fix the problems you are facing. If anything, it could make things worse because it sends a message that you don’t care what happens to your spouse or children because they’re just not as important as some other person on the planet who wants something from you.

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