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15 Adorable Signs You’re Dating A Mature Man

mature man

15 adorable signs you’re dating a mature man

Dating a mature man is awesome. They’re smart, they have stories to tell, and they know what they want out of life (and should be able to articulate it). Mature men are also usually more open and honest than their younger counterparts — which can only help the relationship. So, if you’re looking for a mature man as your partner, here’s how all those good qualities come together:

He is not a cheap date.

If you are dating a mature man, he will be willing to pay for the date. While this may seem like a small thing, it’s actually a big deal because it shows that he respects your time and money as much as yours. He won’t expect you to pay for everything (as some men do), but if he does offer his own money, know that this is an indication that he values your relationship enough to make sure everyone has something nice on their plate when they go out together.

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He won’t think twice about spending money on you.

When you’re dating a mature man, he won’t expect you to spend money on him. If he wants to take you out for dinner or go see a movie in the theater, it’s not because he thinks it will make him look good; it’s because he wants to spend time with his partner and enjoy life together.

If your guy is not interested in doing things that cost money (like buying flowers at work), then this may mean that he isn’t very mature and caring towards his partner — an important sign of maturity!

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He will text you back (and it will be an actual conversation).

Texting is a great way to communicate with your partner. It’s easy, fast and convenient—but it can also be frustrating if you’re constantly being asked “What are you doing?” or “When are we going out?” Asking these questions is fine in the beginning stages of dating, but after a while (or if you don’t feel like talking about what you’re doing), then it becomes annoying for both parties involved.

So how do we make sure that our texting doesn’t turn into an endless stream of questions? Here are some tips:

  • Don’t text back right away! Give him some time before responding so that he has enough time to respond himself with something more thoughtful than “Yeah!” or “Okay.”

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He’s got his own stuff going on.

If you’re dating a man who has his own stuff going on, it’s clear that he’s not just interested in being with you because of what you can do for him. He’s got hobbies and interests outside of the relationship as well.

When I was single, I had no problem going out alone without my partner because I knew he’d be fine with that decision—and even if we were still together at the time (which rarely happened), I would have known that he wouldn’t ask me to do something silly like babysit his kids while they were having fun with theirs!

His fridge is organized (and he knows where everything is).

  • You’ll know that you’re dating a mature man when he keeps his fridge organized. He knows where everything is, and he doesn’t have to waste time looking for things.
  • If your boyfriend has a clear system of organization in place, then he knows how to be practical and efficient—and this can be great for your relationship as well!

He pays attention to your conversations and remembers when you mention something.

  • He pays attention to your conversations and remembers when you mention something.
  • He remembers what you said, which is a sign that he’s paying attention. If someone doesn’t remember what they’ve said, then it means they’re not listening or focused on the topic at hand. This can also mean that he has an active memory for things like interests and hobbies—a lot of mature men will have an interest in these things as well as their partner’s lives!

You can count on him.

When you’re dating a man who is mature, he will be there for you when you need him. He may not always be able to help with the big things—like fixing your car or making sure that your kids get treated well at school—but he will always do his best to make sure that the little things are taken care of, too. That includes helping with grocery shopping and bringing home dinner from work sometimes (or even just taking them out for ice cream).

He treats you like a partner, not just a girlfriend.

One of the most important signs that you’re dating a mature man is when he treats you like a partner, not just a girlfriend. This means that he asks for your opinion and respects it. If he’s going out with his friends, she won’t have to tell him what she wants to do or where they should go—he’ll already know!

Also, if there are any issues in their relationship and one party has an issue with another (for example He cheated on me), then this person shouldn’t be allowed near them again until both parties have worked through their differences so everyone can move on with their lives together happily ever after…or at least not get into any more fights over stupid shit like whether or not wearing makeup makes someone look better than without makeup on (no matter how much we all want our faces clean).

You guys work through your fights without turning into two crazy people.

A mature man will be able to have a disagreement with you and still be able to talk about it in a rational way, rather than resorting to yelling or throwing something at the wall. He’ll get upset, but he won’t go off the deep end and start screaming at you or breaking things around him. This is because he’s learned how not to react badly when things don’t go his way. A mature man knows that if he loses his temper, it’s only going to make things worse for both of them—and besides, even though this sounds counterintuitive (and very “men”), being angry isn’t always the best thing for everyone involved!

You don’t have to worry about him flirting with other women in front of you.

You don’t have to worry about him flirting with other women in front of you. When he’s with other people, he will be respectful and appropriate. He knows how to interact with other women without being flirtatious or making you feel inferior to others.

You know what’s going on with him at all times, without having to ask a bunch of leading questions to get information out of him.

The next sign that you’re dating a mature man is that he knows what’s going on with him at all times, without having to ask a bunch of leading questions to get information out of him.

This will be a sign of your relationship being serious and grown-up because mature men know how important honesty is in relationships. They also tend not to have secrets or drama in their lives because they are confident enough in themselves and their partner (or partners) that they don’t feel the need to hide anything from each other.

He won’t forget birthdays and other important occasions; he’ll remember the little things.

He won’t forget birthdays and other important occasions; he’ll remember the little things.

If you have shared a lot of information with your man, like where you grew up or what your favorite food is, then he will definitely keep these details in mind when it comes time for him to do something nice for you. If this sounds like something that would work for your relationship then start planning!

You both know that marriage — and kids — are possibilities down the road.

You both know that marriage and kids are possibilities down the road. You’ve talked about it, and you’re both on board with the idea of building a life together. This is a big step for any couple, but it’s also important to have at least some level of consensus on these matters before getting married (or before having sex). If you have different goals in life than your partner does—or if one or both of you don’t even want children—then it’s likely that the relationship won’t work out long-term.

He knows how to take care of himself (and he doesn’t expect you to cook for him every night).

If you’re dating a mature man, you know he has the ability to take care of himself. That’s not to say that he’ll never ask for help—but it should be easy for him to do things like cook dinner, clean up after himself and do his own laundry.

You shouldn’t expect your boyfriend or husband to always do all the household tasks by himself. It’s good if he can tell you what needs doing so that there are no surprises when it comes time for you two to tackle those tasks together!

Dating a mature man can be wonderful!

Maturity is attractive. The fact that you are dating someone who has reached his own level of maturity, or is still growing into theirs, means that he will be able to give you the kind of relationship that will last. Maturity comes with experience and wisdom; these qualities are hard-earned and therefore admirable when they’re exhibited by others in their lives. If your partner is older than you (or younger), there’s no doubt in my mind that it makes him more attractive because he has already learned what not to do—and has done everything right throughout his life!


Dating a mature man is a great way to meet someone with similar values, someone who understands where you came from and what it takes to get there. You don’t have to fight over who cleaned the dishes last night or who pays for dinner — instead, you can just enjoy each other’s company and be pleasantly surprised by how well things work out.

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