I’ve been with my transgender (ftm) partner for 10 years.  About 4 years into the relationship he began testosterone and started the transition. I was always told by him that he doesn’t like to sleep with men mostly due to abuse as a child. A few months into the transition I was noticing different sexual behavior I never saw before and he also stopped being intimate with me in every way. I found out that he was engaged in sexting and then having sex with men from websites. He swore it was a one time thing and wasn’t comfortable telling me he sometimes likes penetration. I gave him a chance and asked if I could do it would he be satisfied. We did it one time and then he stopped being intimate with me again and now 4 years later we still don’t have sex and I catch him on sites, sexting and I believe hooking up too. I have been very patient and asked for honesty and just to be included but he only has an excuse or reason why he has to try harder. I don’t think he’s attracted to me especially when he watches tik tok videos of women dancing and I see how he flirts with anyone else but me. Says and does things he never has with me and said he doesn’t do. it’s like a person I don’t know. I’ve recently discovered that he is still in a ” relationship” online with the same ex again for the last 10 years.  I can’t help but think I should walk away

Jayde Noel Edited question March 20, 2023