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15+ Obvious Signs a Married Man Is Using You and What Should You Do Now?

signs a married man is using you

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15+ obvious signs a married man is using you and what should you do now?

If you are in a relationship with a married man, you know that he is using you. But how do you know? There are many signs that show whether he is cheating on his wife or not. In this article we will discuss 15 clear signs that can help us understand if someone is using us or not:

He makes last-minute plans to meet you

If a man makes last-minute plans to meet you, it’s a sign he doesn’t care about you. He may just be using your phone number as an excuse to see you.

If he’s not interested in spending time with you or being with you, then don’t expect him to show up at the door when he says he will! If he can’t get over his feelings for someone else (even though she’s unavailable), then why would he ever want anything more than casual sex?

He flirts with you shamelessly

Flirting is a sign of interest. It’s also a way to get your attention if you are interested in him and he wants to date you. If he is flirting with you and it seems like he wants to date you, then it could be that his wife knows about this and doesn’t approve of him dating other women or having an affair. If he has no interest in dating anyone else but still continues to pursue this relationship with you, keep looking out for signs that something isn’t right between the two of them!

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He is always there when you need him

  • He is always there when you need him
  • He is always available to talk with you and help you out.
  • He is always ready to help you out if something goes wrong, or even just makes life easier for you in general.
  • When it comes to your problems, he will listen and try his best to solve them for you.

He is always the first one to take you out for a coffee or lunch break

  • He is always available when you need him.
  • He is always the first one to take you out for a coffee or lunch break.
  • He is always the first one to call you when he is free, even if it’s just to say ‘hi’.
  • He texts or emails on his own time, even if it’s just about work-related things (which could be hours apart from when you’re working).

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He has chosen you as his ‘best friend’ on Facebook and Instagram

The signs that a married man is using you are obvious. He has chosen you as his ‘best friend’ on Facebook and Instagram, even though he knows that these social media platforms are filled with lies, deceit and backstabbing. He needs someone who will be there for him when he needs it—but only when he wants it.

He’s not interested in your life or talking about your problems because there’s no point in doing so when all that matters is being seen by others as part of the group (even though they don’t really care about anything except themselves). He doesn’t want to hear about your family or friends either because those things get in the way of his plans for fame/fortune/power etcetera…

He does not tell you about the personal details of his life

The next time you find out that your husband has been lying to you, it’s important to take a step back and think about what exactly he’s not telling you.

  • He might be hiding something from you. This could be because he has been in an affair or is having an affair. It could also mean that there are other women or children involved but they are not mentioned in front of them either!
  • He might have a relationship outside of marriage without telling anyone at all – including his wife or partner (or vice versa). If this is the case, then there could be issues with trust/communication between both parties involved; therefore, making it difficult for them both if things go wrong (and sometimes even impossible).

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Your conversations revolve around sex

If your man talks a lot about sex, it’s a red flag. He will tell you that he wants to have sex with you and when he does, it always comes with a request for something else besides sex. If he asks if you could describe what is different about his boner than others’ or asks for details on how other women are naked in front of him—or even whether or not the clothes off their backs would fit over his head—it means he’s not really interested in having real conversations about anything else besides sex.

He also might have fantasies about being with multiple partners at once (or maybe just one partner). And if he wants to know everything about every woman who has ever been naked around him before making love with them? That also causes concern!

He does not introduce you to his friends and family

If your husband does not introduce you to his friends and family, it could be a sign that he is using you.

  • He has never introduced you to any of the people with whom he has been in contact.
  • When asked whom he knows, he replies by name but never mentions any of them by name or even their job titles.

If this happens regularly, then there may be something going on between the two of you which needs to be addressed right away!

He shows signs of jealousy when someone else gives you attention

If he shows signs of jealousy when you’re with other men, it’s a sign that he’s insecure in his relationship. He may feel threatened by other men and want to be the only one who gets your attention.

If this happens, try to reassure him that there are no other men who can compete with him for your affection—and if there are any around town who seem like they might be competition (or even just friends), ask them out!

His gifts are mostly impersonal and expensive

If your husband has been giving you gifts that are mostly impersonal and expensive, it’s time to look for a new partner. Maybe he is trying to get back at you for not being happy with him. Maybe he doesn’t like the idea of spending any money on himself? Whatever the reason, if your husband isn’t buying you anything personal or thoughtful, then there might be something going on behind his back.

When he talks about the future, he doesn’t include you in it

  • When he talks about the future, he doesn’t include you in it.
  • He talks about the future with other people, but not with you.
  • He doesn’t talk about what he wants to do for his future, and how that will benefit your relationship.

He doesn’t take you out but loves being with you in the house.

You should be careful if your man doesn’t take you out. This is a sign that he doesn’t want to commit and may not be ready for a relationship. If he only wants sex, then it’s likely that he has no interest in you as a person.

He always finds an excuse to meet you and leaves quickly, as he finds another excuse to leave.

  • He is always busy.
  • He is always in a hurry to leave.
  • He has an excuse for leaving, so he can meet someone else who will be more receptive to his advances.
  • He never stays long enough to get to know you and make sure that you’re not just another piece of ass on their way out of town again.

He never misses an opportunity to remind you that he’s married, so don’t expect anything from him.

When you are dating a married man, he will start to tell you that he is married. He will also tell you that his wife has been cheating on him and only wants him for sex. This might sound like a good thing at first but the truth is that this person is using you for sex and nothing else!

If it seems like your boyfriend/husband has been telling everyone who asks about their relationship status, then there’s something wrong! Your man doesn’t want to be your boyfriend or husband because he knows what kind of person he is.

He doesn’t want his wife to know about your relationship.

If your husband is hiding something from his wife, it means that he doesn’t want to end the relationship. If he tells you he wants to end things with you but won’t tell his wife, that’s a sign of guilt and remorse.

If a married man truly loves his wife and wants her to know everything about him, then there would be no need for secrecy or deceit in the first place. The fact that this isn’t happening makes me think that maybe these men aren’t as faithful as we’d like them to be!

He never speaks of his feelings for you, though he tells others that he spends time with you because he likes your company.

If you’re married to a man who never speaks of his feelings for you, though he tells others that he spends time with you because he likes your company, then it’s clear that something else is going on. He may have been lying all along about what kind of person he is and how much value his friendship offers. It could also be that your husband has become disillusioned with himself or has lost interest in being honest about his feelings and needs—or both!

You need to know if this is true before moving forward with the relationship.

You must be available when he wants to see you but are not supposed to expect the same treatment from him.

When a man is using you for his own selfish needs and wants, it is important to know that he does not care about your feelings at all. He only cares about what he can get from you and will not be willing to compromise on anything. He might even tell you that he loves and respects you but when in reality, all he wants is sex and nothing else.

He will be very happy when women like this come into their lives because they do not have to work hard on themselves or spend money on themselves as well as any other person who might want their attention or love them back (i.e.: wife). They just need someone who’ll do all the dirty work while they sit back watching TV every night!

His cell phone is always on silent, and he never lets you touch it and even panics when his phone rings when both of you are together in a room or car.

If your man’s cell phone is always on silent, and he never lets you touch it and even panics when his phone rings when both of you are together in a room or car. This is a sign that he is hiding something from you.

If he thinks that I am going to find out whatever it is that he has been hiding from me by reading his text messages and emails then why would he allow me to do so? That means there must be something serious going on with him (or her).

You don’t trust him because he hides everything from you – where is going, who is talking with, what is doing and etc., so it makes it hard for him to make plans with you in advance.

It is not easy to live a double life. If you are married and he is hiding things from you, then it might be that he does not trust your judgment or opinion. He may have doubts about the future of their relationship and doesn’t want to share his life with you.

This can be very hurtful for both of them! You may think: Why do I need this man when he’s cheating on me? But remember that if there were no secrets between them, they wouldn’t have met in the first place!

You doubt what he says and find it hard to believe him because of his changing stories about work and family life which can’t be true all the time for sure!

  • He is lying to you.
  • He is not being honest with you.
  • He is not telling the truth about what’s going on in his life, especially if it involves work or family life.
  • You have no idea what he’s up to when it comes time for him to come home from work—or if he’s even coming home at all! That can be extremely frustrating and confusing when thinking back over the past few weeks or months of your relationship together.

Do they seem suspiciously secretive? Is there something they’re hiding from me? Do they act differently around me than other people? Are they always asking me questions as though they expect an answer but don’t really care about getting one? Are there certain topics that are off-limits (such as politics) even though we’ve been dating for years now…

Get help or leave

If you have been in an abusive marriage for a long time, it can be hard to leave. But if you’re not being abused now, then the time has come for you to get out of this relationship. In order to do that, you must be willing and ready to heal yourself and move on with your life. You may want help from family members or friends but don’t let anyone tell you otherwise—you need self-care above all else right now!

You may feel guilty about leaving because of how much time and energy he has put into making sure that nobody knows about his secret life as a cheater (or whatever other kind of person he is). But remember: He’s used up all his chances at redemption—he doesn’t deserve another chance at happiness; nor does she deserve her heartbreak and pain over someone who doesn’t care about her feelings one bit.”


If you are noticing any of these signs, then it is time for you to stop being a victim of his lies and deception. He might be married but he still has feelings for other women, so you must make sure that he doesn’t cheat on his wife!

And if he does, get out of there as fast as possible because it will only lead to more problems later on in life when it comes time for divorce court proceedings or even worse – death!!

The best thing you can do is get out of this relationship. You don’t need to put up with his lies, deception, and cheating ways. He isn’t worth your time or emotions; he isn’t worth your love or affection.

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