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16 Bizarre Signs He Pretends to Love You

signs he pretends to love you

Last Updated on December 17, 2022 by Sarah Smith

16 bizarre signs he pretends to love you

I went on a date with this guy. He had all the qualities I was looking for in a man: he was tall, handsome, and smart enough not to mind spending time with me over coffee or dinner. We hit it off right away and started seeing each other regularly—but then something changed between us.

Our conversations felt stilted at first; then they got worse as time went by until eventually, I couldn’t even look at him without feeling uncomfortable around him anymore! What happened? Is there any hope left for us? Well…no one can say for sure exactly what went wrong between you and your partner but here are some signs that might help point towards some potential solutions if things aren’t working out as well as hoped:

He doesn’t listen to you.

If he doesn’t listen to you, it’s because he isn’t interested in what you’re saying.

He may be listening but not hearing.

He may be listening but not understanding your point of view.

He may be listening but not caring about what you want or need from him (or vice versa).

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He’s not into PDAs.

You’ve been holding hands and kissing in public for months now, but he doesn’t seem particularly interested. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t want to get caught. Maybe it’s because his friends are watching. Or maybe he just doesn’t like PDA (public displays of affection). Whatever the reason, your man is not interested in making a scene by grabbing your face and putting on a show for everyone on the street—even if you’re getting married soon!

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He doesn’t complement you.

He doesn’t compliment you.

If he’s not telling you how beautiful or smart or funny or sexy you are, then there’s a good chance he isn’t really into it. He’s just pretending to be in order to get what he wants from a relationship with you.

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He has too much pride.

You want to believe that he’s the one, but he might be a closet narcissist. He thinks he’s better than you, or at least as good as you. In fact, he may think he’s smarter and more successful than you. And while this might sound flattering if it were true (and maybe a little bit), it could mean that this guy is only interested in your love because of how much pride it would bring him—not because of who he actually is inside.

It could also mean that even though he loves himself for being great at something or other, deep down inside him there are feelings of insecurity about his abilities and accomplishments—and those feelings will eventually show up in every interaction with someone else except for when they’re dealing with themselves!

He barely says I love You.

There are some signs that he’s not actually in love with you, but is pretending. These signs are not always obvious, but they do exist and are worth keeping an eye out for.

  • He rarely says “I love you” or even “I care about you.” This is a tell-tale sign that he doesn’t really mean it—and if he didn’t mean it, then what’s the point of saying it? If someone cares about their partner enough to tell them they love them every day without fail, then surely the person must be able to see the deeper meaning behind those words: They mean something! The fact that your partner might not say these words quite often could signal some deeper issues going on between the two of you—so take note if this becomes commonplace over time.
  • When asked how much thought goes into choosing his outfit each morning (or any other given situation), he’ll respond with something along these lines: “I don’t know why people think so much about clothes anyway…I just get up and put on whatever looks good at the moment!” This sounds like a bad thing; after all, there are things more important than clothing! But what if I told my friend who owns dozens upon dozens of designer shirts (that cost thousands per piece) that she can buy whichever shirt she wants because she doesn’t have time for shopping trips? Would she still complain about having too much money on her mind alone? Probably not! Why should we assume our partners’ priorities would differ from ours unless we go through life thinking “Why am I doing this?”

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He’s out at all hours of the night.

If your man is out at all hours of the night, he might be with his friends. He could also be out with an ex or a new girlfriend whom he’s trying to impress. And if you think that’s too far-fetched, consider that maybe he’s just partying in general and doesn’t want you to know about it.

His Instagram is full of selfies.

If your boyfriend’s Instagram is full of selfies, it could be a sign that he loves you.

Selfies are a way for people to show off their best side. They can also be used as self-expression and documentation of life with friends or family members. If your boyfriend has a tonne of selfies on his account, this may mean he’s feeling happy enough to take some time out from work and enjoy himself with friends (or maybe even someone special). It could also mean that he wants to document his life in an artistic way—and this might be something that appeals to you!

You’re always in his Snapchat stories, but his tweets are few and far between.

When you see that your boyfriend is constantly sharing pictures of himself on Snapchat, it’s hard not to feel like the person in the photos is really him. He may be trying to make you feel special, but it’s obvious he isn’t actually showing off his life with his girlfriend.

If this happens frequently and without fail, then this could mean two things:

 1) Your boyfriend doesn’t care about what other people think or say about him;

2) He wants to see how much weight (or lack thereof) has been added/lost since their last picture together/before they started dating again after being friends for so long!

He constantly talks about your flaws…to your face.

If you’re in a long-term relationship with someone and they keep talking about your flaws, it’s probably because they want you to feel bad about yourself. They don’t want you to be happy or confident—they just want to bring down your self-esteem so that when you leave, the two of them can get back together and continue their downward spiral. He’s not even good at being manipulative; he just doesn’t understand how relationships work!

His things are everywhere in your house, but you don’t have so much as a toothbrush at his place.

If your guy’s got his stuff everywhere in your house, but you don’t have so much as a toothbrush at his place, it’s a sign that he’s not really into you. He doesn’t want to commit because he doesn’t see any reason why he should. And if this is how he treats everyone else in his life (which it probably is), then there’s no reason why he’d treat you differently.

You might think that having all of his belongings around yours will make him want more time with you. But the truth is: when someone isn’t committed enough to make space for another person or thing in their lives—especially when those things are part of your relationship too—it shows that they’re not willing to devote themselves fully to making sure everything works out between both parties involved.

You meet all his friends, but you’ve never met his family.

If he doesn’t want his friends to know you, it could be because he’s ashamed of you. He might be afraid that they’ll think less of him if they meet you, or maybe he just doesn’t like introducing you to his family yet. Whatever the reason for not introducing them, this is a sign that there’s something going on behind closed doors!

You forget what it feels like to wake up to him spooning you in bed because he only stays the night if he’s drunk enough to pass out on your couch.

He is a terrible person and doesn’t deserve to be in your bed. You’re not being used; he’s using you for sex. He’ll leave soon and then once again; it will be your fault for being stupid enough to fall for him again.

This is especially true if there are other signs that he doesn’t love or care about you (like when he says things like “I’m gonna go get coffee,” but never comes back) or if he lies about where he’s been last night when asked by someone else who was with him (like they’ll tell us they were out at lunch all day while we know they were really sleeping).

Your relationship has been more of an off-and-on thing than a committed romance.

If your guy has been more of an off-and-on thing than a committed romance, you can chalk it up to his lack of commitment. Or maybe he thinks that he’s not ready for a serious relationship just yet. Or maybe he thinks that settling down and being exclusive with someone is too much work, so he’d rather keep things casual until the time comes when he decides otherwise (which may never).

Whatever the case may be, there are some signs that indicate that your man has no interest in committing himself to or being exclusive with you — but they don’t necessarily mean anything bad! In fact, this could mean that he’s actually planning on breaking up with you at some point in the future anyway!

He’s not only showing up late to dates, he’s not even bothering to text you in advance when he won’t make it at the time you agreed upon.

This is a classic sign that your man is not only showing up late to dates, but he’s also not even bothering to text you in advance when he won’t make it at the time you agreed upon. If he doesn’t care enough about his appearance or his commitment levels, why should you?

If this behavior continues over a long period of time, it could be a sign that something else is going on between the two of you (or even just one). It could mean that he’s being dishonest with himself and trying to present himself as someone who loves and respects YOU most of all—but really doesn’t have any interest in doing so because HE doesn’t respect YOU!

You just feel weird around the guy sometimes, but you can’t quite put your finger on why that is.

When you’re in a relationship with a guy who pretends to love you, the way he acts sometimes makes no sense. For example:

  • He says he wants to spend time with you but then lies about where he is going and what he has planned when it comes time for your plans together.
  • You just feel weird around the guy sometimes, but you can’t quite put your finger on why that is.

In fact, ever since things progressed beyond the friendship stage, he seems kind of distant and not as fun-loving as he used to be with you.

In fact, ever since things progressed beyond the friendship stage, he seems kind of distant and not as fun-loving as he used to be with you. He’s not as close with you as he used to be. He’s not interested in sharing his thoughts and feelings with you like before. And when it comes down to it—he’s even closed off from others!

He could’ve just been preoccupied with other things in life (like work), but there are more signs that point towards him pretending: -He’s not answering your calls/texts. He could be busy, but if you’re close friends and he’s not returning your messages, it’s a red flag. If he doesn’t want to talk with you anymore, that’s usually what happens.

-He’s been avoiding spending time with you alone since things progressed beyond the friendship stage.


So, there you have it, 16 signs that he pretends to love you but doesn’t. I hope this list has helped you identify some red flags in your ex-boyfriend or husband that might indicate something more serious is going on. You might have noticed some of these signs before and dismissed them as nothing more than a preference for the type of person he dates. However, if one or two stand out from all the others, then perhaps it is time to take a closer look at what’s happening between the two of you – because something just isn’t right here!

13 Sure-Shot Signs He Pretends To Love You

13 Sure-Shot Signs He Pretends To Love You

People Also Ask

Was he pretending to love me?

He has no faith in you.
If he doesn’t truly trust you, you know he might be faking loving you. He might not truly love you if he has no faith in whatever you say or do and is never sure what you are up to behind his back. He claims that you might be involved in a covert relationship.

What does false love look like?

Your partner doesn’t seem emotionally invested in you, and they also don’t seem to be interested in your life. They don’t probe you on your interests, motivations, or objectives. They don’t try to get to know you better and aren’t interested in learning about your views and feelings.

How does a man show his love without saying it?

1.     He may grasp your hand, embrace you, wrap his arms around you, sit near you, etc.
2.    He works really hard to make you feel appreciated. He surprises you with gifts, performs a song for you on a special occasion, finds time to chat with you nevertheless, makes last-minute plans, etc.
3.    He constantly gives you his whole attention.

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