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17 Signs He Wants To Make Love To You

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Making love is a beautiful thing. It’s when two people share their bodies, minds and souls with each other in a way that goes beyond just physical intimacy. But what does “making love” mean to men? Is it the same thing? And if so, how can you tell if your man really wants you?

He gets close to you.

  • He gets physically close to you.
  • He gets emotionally close to you.
  • He surrounds himself with people who are like-minded, who understand him and his needs, and who share his values (or at least don’t challenge them).

He keeps touching you.

  • He touches your arm when he talks to you.
  • He touches your shoulder to get your attention.
  • He touches your hand as he talks, and even taps it with his own to emphasize a point, or makes an adjustment on the table in front of them while they’re eating dinner together (this can be either romantic or friendly).
  • When making love is mentioned in conversation, he may reach out and put his hand on yours once again; this time though, it’s more like an offer than a question—he wants something from you specifically! So go ahead and give it up; let him know what kind of intimacy will work best for both parties involved 🙂
17 justsex me,Signs He Wants To Make Love To You,signs he is making love to you

He kisses your forehead.

If your man kisses your forehead, it’s a sign that he cares about you. This gesture expresses his affection for you and shows how much he loves to spend time with you. It’s also an indication of how much he values your friendship, which is another reason why this type of behavior from him can be so romantic.

Sometimes, though, men find themselves in situations where they don’t want their partners to know about them or who they are—and one way to do so would be by kissing their forehead! If this happens often enough and becomes a habit over time (for whatever reason), then it could indicate that there might be something else going on between the two of them besides romance; but if not…well then there should be nothing wrong here!

He tells you he loves you.

Tell him that you love him.

He’ll be flattered and surprised, but he’ll likely reciprocate by telling you that he loves you too. If not, don’t take it personally; it’s just the natural order of things in the world of romance!

How to tell him: “I love you” or “I want to make love with you” (or any variation of those two phrases).

He shares his feelings and thoughts with you.

15 justsex me,Signs He Wants To Make Love To You,signs he is making love to you

When a man is in love, he tells you about his feelings and thoughts. He doesn’t hide from them or keep them to himself, but he also doesn’t need to share everything all the time. If he’s not sure what the right thing to do is with something specific (like “should I tell her?”), then that’s OK—he’ll show you that by asking for your input when possible.

If your guy wants to make love to you, then he’ll probably be open about his emotions with you as well! You might notice that there are certain topics on which he never holds back: “I was really pissed off at my boss today,” or “I feel so guilty about breaking up with my girlfriend.” These are good signs because they show how comfortable he feels sharing those things with us – which means we’re safe in knowing that if something comes up later down the road during an argument or fight between us two people who care deeply about each other…well…you know how this story goes!

He notices when you’re upset or anxious.

When you’re feeling upset or anxious, he notices. He wants to make sure that he’s there for you when things don’t go as planned, and that he can help in any way possible. He may also try to cheer you up by telling jokes or asking how he can help—and it doesn’t matter if it’s a joke at his expense!

When this happens, be ready for some affection from him: an easy touch on the arm or shoulder will show just how much he cares about your feelings.

He stares into your eyes.

One of the most obvious signs that he wants to make love to you is when he stares into your eyes. This is not just an act of flirting, but rather a sign that he’s interested in having sex with you and has been for some time. If this happens frequently, it could mean he’s been thinking about having sex with you for longer than usual—and maybe even thinking about proposing!

The stare isn’t just flattering; it also shows how much respect he has for women (and men). To him, we’re all equal members of society who deserve equal treatment no matter what our race or gender may be.

He says sexual words to you.

You can tell it’s coming from the heart. If he says something like, “I want to make love to you,” or even just a more general statement about wanting to be sexual with you, this is a sign that he wants more than just sex. He might not have had any intention of asking for your number before now, but when he does finally ask for it and get one (or two), then things will start getting serious fast!

If someone was trying too hard at first—if they were acting like they knew what they were doing—this can be confusing and off-putting; but if there’s no fear involved in their actions whatsoever…well then congrats ladies! You’ve found yourself an actual lover!

He hugs and kisses you like he means it.

Hugging and kissing are two of the most important ways to show that you mean it when you say, “I love you.”

If he hugs you like there’s no tomorrow, then he probably means what he says—and so do you!

16 justsex me,Signs He Wants To Make Love To You,signs he is making love to you

His pupils dilate when he looks at you.

When he looks at you, his pupils dilate. This is a sign of arousal, and it means that he’s interested in having sex with you.

The same thing happens when you look into his eyes—you’ll see that they get bigger because of how intensely interested he is in having sex with you!

He cups your face in his hands.

He cups your face in his hands.

This is a sign of affection and shows that you are important to him, which is a great feeling! It also shows that he cares about you so much that he wants to be close to you and touch you when he can.

He tells obvious, embarrassing sexual jokes around you.

If your partner is the type who tells obvious, embarrassing sexual jokes around you, he wants you to laugh. He wants to make you feel comfortable and get closer to him. He’s not afraid of what you think of him so long as he can show that he isn’t afraid of what others think of him either.

His compliments are more physical than emotional lately.

If he’s been complimenting your body lately and it feels more like flirting than just a nice thing to say, then it might be time for you to start reading the signs.

If he is telling you that your hair looks great or that you have such beautiful eyes, then this could mean that he wants to make love with you soon. He might even be getting ready in anticipation!

He teases you sexually and in other ways, too.

Teasing is a form of flirting, and it can be a sign that he wants to explore more. Teasing can also help you get comfortable with each other by testing the waters and showing that you’re both interested in continuing the conversation.

If he teases you about your body, for example, this might mean he finds it attractive—and perhaps even wants to touch it! If he says something funny or sexy while playing video games together as friends (or coworkers), then maybe that means they have similar interests and enjoy spending time together outside of work.

Reading Suggestions :

That the two of you are alone, he seems tense and doesn’t talk much about things going on in his own life rather than yours.

If you are with a guy who wants to make love to you, he will be thinking about the two of you. He will not be thinking about his own problems or what’s going on in his own life. Instead, he’ll focus on how the two of you are doing and how amazing it is that there is someone like you around him.

If this person keeps making love to me too much then I’m going crazy!

You feel a sense of connectedness to him that feels almost spiritual at times as well as physical and emotional.

The first sign he wants to make love to you is that he makes you feel a sense of connectedness. This can be physical and emotional, but it’s also spiritual as well. You’ll feel like his presence has brought out something in yourself that allows him to connect with your soul on a deep level. It’s not just physical—it’s an overall feeling of closeness with someone who isn’t familiar but still feels like they know what you’re going through right now, even if they don’t know anything about it yet!

The Big Feature Featured images 10 justsex me,Signs He Wants To Make Love To You,signs he is making love to you

You’re able to connect on an entirely new level with someone who may have never met before and yet somehow seems so familiar…if only because they possess similar vibes or characteristics (like having similar interests). If this sounds like something that would interest somebody else then maybe we should get together sometime soon?

Sexy body language is pretty easy to read if you pay attention to it

  • Eye contact: If you’re looking at him and he’s looking back, it means that he wants to make love to you.
  • Smiling: A smile is a sign of happiness and confidence which makes him feel more relaxed around you.
  • Touching: Touching someone who loves me is an expression of affection, whether it’s a handshake or an embrace; when we touch each other we make sure our feelings are acknowledged and understood by those around us!
  • Sitting closer: When someone sits closer than usual then it could mean they want some attention from their partner but if this happens too often then there could be something else going on behind their backs (like cheating). So always pay attention when someone is sitting close because this can tell us how much they care about us as well as how close they want things between us two!

 “Making Love” vs. “Having Sex”: Is There a Difference?

If you’ve ever wondered if the two terms are interchangeable, here’s a quick rundown of what makes them different.

  • Making love is an act of intimacy between two people who want to be together, often for the rest of their lives. This can mean any number of things—from holding hands in public to kissing on the cheek at work. It might also involve sleeping together or having sex (though not necessarily).
  • Having sex is any physical activity that involves penetration by another person(s) and ejaculation from their body fluids into yours (or vice versa). Sex can be carried out either absentmindedly or with purposeful intent: it’s up to you!

 3 Signs He Wants You Badly Sexually

  • If your guy is always touching you and shows more affection than usual, he may be trying to tell you that he wants to make love to you.
  • If he’s more attentive and wants to spend more time with you, it’s possible that he’s feeling inspired by you.
  • If he says things like “I love me some” or “I want us together,” then this is just how men are in general—they often say things they don’t mean just so they can get what they want.

What Making Love Means to a Man 

Making love is a way for a man to express his emotions and desires. It’s about feeling connected to you emotionally, physically and spiritually. He wants to feel like he’s pleasing you in some way—whether it’s showing off how good of a lover he can be or just being there when you need him most (like during an emergency).

In addition to being deeply satisfying on an intimate level, making love helps men build up their confidence as well as their self-esteem because they know they’re doing something right by making love with someone like YOU!

How Do You Know if a Guy Enjoys You in Bed? 

  • He’s more likely to talk dirty to you.
  • He will be more likely to compliment your body.
  • He will be more likely to touch you more often.
  • He will want to spend more time with you in bed, and he’ll want the same from you when it comes down to the bedroom too! This means that he’s trying hard enough!
  • And lastly, if he has any interest at all in making love, then there should be no reason why he wouldn’t try new things with his partner; some people might even ask their partners what they like or dislike during sex playtime (if this sounds like something that could happen between two people who are really into each other).

How to tell him you also want it

  • Ask him if he wants to make love
  • Tell him how you feel about him
  • Tell him that you want to make love with him, or be with him, or be close with each other.

If he says no, let it go and try again later. If he says yes, then ask how often and in what way(s) they can have sex before deciding whether or not this relationship is worth pursuing further (this will depend on both of your schedules).


It’s important not to confuse sexual desire with love. If he says one thing but does another, then it’s best to avoid him. This is especially true if you’re in a relationship and feel like your partner isn’t respecting your boundaries. As long as there are no signs of abuse or violence, though, don’t let yourself be scared off! You can always talk about what feels right for both of you—and if he needs more reassurance that he wants this too, then ask (or tell) him how much it means to have someone who appreciates them sexually as well.

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