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Why Do Men Lie? (10 Obvious Reasons)

Why do men lie

Why do men lie?

Men are known to make mistakes, but it is not right for them to lie about it. They just want to get away with what they have done and so they lie through their teeth. As much as we try, we cannot always tell when our men are lying or not because they do not express themselves in a very clear way. If you have ever wondered why men sometimes lie then this article will provide answers to your questions!

They are scared

Men lie because they are scared.

They’re afraid of losing you, of being rejected and judged for their actions, of being found out. And yes, there is a chance that the woman he lied to might get mad at him in the end but deep down inside he hopes she won’t because then maybe he will still have some hope left in his heart.

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They do not want to hurt you

  • They do not want to hurt your feelings.
  • They do not want to make you feel bad.
  • They do not want to be responsible for your pain and suffering, so they lie about their feelings, too!

They do not want to lose you

Men love to be in a relationship. They want to feel that they are needed and wanted by the person they love. If you find out that he is lying to you, it will hurt him badly because he does not want to lose your love or respect. He wants his partner to be there for him when he needs someone most, so that means he feels guilty when something goes wrong with their relationship because of this reason alone!

They want attention

  • Men want to be noticed and appreciated.
  • They want you to be interested in what they are saying.
  • Some men lie to get attention, especially if they feel neglected by their partner or a close friend or family member who might not give them the same amount of attention as you do.

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They want you to be jealous

Men lie to get you to be jealous. They want you to think they have a better life than you do and that they can do things that are out of reach for most people. They want your attention, admiration, and envy in their lives. This is especially true when it comes to relationships with other women because one of the main reasons men cheat is because he doesn’t feel attractive enough by themselves or want someone else who will appreciate them more than their current partner does.

They are insecure

Men are often insecure about their physical appearance, as well as their financial status and social status. They also tend to be insecure about their abilities, which can make them less likely, to tell the truth when asked a question.

They are trying to impress you

Men lie to impress you. They are trying to be seen in a good light, and they want to get your attention so that you will like them. It’s no secret that men have been lying about their intentions since time began (see: Adam and Eve), but it’s still something we don’t think about often enough.

They are embarrassed about their mistakes

Men are often embarrassed about their mistakes. They do not want to be seen as weak or vulnerable, so they lie about the things that make them look bad. The fear of being judged, rejected, and laughed at by others is a big reason why men lie.

Men are often ashamed of their mistakes because it makes them feel less than perfect and in turn makes them insecure about themselves which leads to lying as a way for them to hide their insecurities from others.

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They forget that they told a lie before

  • They forget that they told a lie before.
  • It’s the moment, man! You’re in the heat of things and your brain goes blank.
  • Men are not good at remembering details and keeping track of their lives. If he tells you “I’ll call you back,” but never calls, then there will be no way for him to remember why he failed to follow through on his promise because it’s only been 24 hours since the initial conversation took place.

They lie about female friends.

Men will lie to you about their female friends because they don’t want you to feel jealous or threatened. They are also afraid that if they tell the truth then it will cause a rift in their relationship and make it impossible for them to see their female friends any longer.

They lie about their intentions.

Men lie about their intentions because they don’t want to scare you away. They may have feelings for you and want to get closer, but they don’t know how to tell you without scaring you off. Men lie about their jobs. Men will lie about what they do for a living because they don’t want to make themselves seem less important or impressive than they actually are.

They lie about loving you.

 Men will lie about loving you because they don’t want to hurt your feelings. They know how badly you want them to love you, and this makes it hard for them to tell the truth. Men also lie about their exes. Men will lie about their exes when talking to women because they don’t want them knowing that he cheated on one of their past girlfriends with her best friend.

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Men sometimes lie for different reasons and it is good to know what triggers them so as to help them become better people.

There are a few different reasons why men lie and it is good to know what triggers them so as to help them become better people.

Men who lie for the first time usually do not realize that their actions will be noticed by the person they are lying to. Men also tend to think that if they don’t tell someone something, then no one else will know about it either. They believe that other people don’t care enough about them or their problems; therefore, why should they? On the other hand, women tend not to lie unless they have something important going on which requires secrecy (for example cheating)


As men, there are times when we need to lie. This happens in every relationship and sometimes it is necessary to protect yourself or your partner. However, if you feel like you are lying more than one time a day then it might be time to re-evaluate your life and your relationship. If you are constantly putting on a front to make someone else happy, then they are not really interested in knowing the real you anyway.

Ask Steve – The Reason Why Men Lie!

Ask Steve – The Reason Why Men Lie!

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